How to Drive the Usage of your Product: Panel Session
Drake Andrews, Eric Peters, Paul Holmes-Higgins and Jamie Norman talk cutting features, collecting feedback and reaching that all important ‘Aha!’ moment for your product.
How to Create Delightful Product Experiences: Panel Session
Caz Brett, Renia Rigopoulou, Ilja Goossens and Yvonne Chow talk enhancing customer experience, building competitive product and conceptualizing your company’s goal.
How HubSpot Academy was Built: 5 Lessons to Learn
“Why do we talk about our users as if we’re running a military sting operation on them?” Eric Peters wants to help “inject some humanity back into your product-led growth strategy” and shows “5 ways that HubSpot has bet its business on a flywheel model.”
Run Better Experiments and Improve your Growth
“In Marketing and Product, you need to slow down to go faster. If you reflect on what you’re working on, and continue thinking about why ideas succeed or why they fail, you will continue to grow.” David Ly Khim explores how his Hubspot team prioritize experiments and why they embrace failure.
Top Tips to Boost your Customer Retention
“We need to talk about the problem with user retention.” Suresh Kondamudi, Co-Founder and CTO of CleverTap hands us the tools to address this recurrent source of pain for Product teams.
How to Improve the Value of Product in an Open Source Business
Paul Holmes-Higgins, Flowable, walks us through the complexities of open-source business. “Just because it’s free, just because it’s open, doesn’t mean it’s valueless. The value of open source, the value of free is actually thinking hard about the end customer.”
How to Supercharge your Impact as Product Manager
How can you deliver the most you possibly can for your customers when their needs and desires are constantly shifting? How can you do the best job possible with the resources available to you? There isn’t necessarily an easy answer to this, but Tom Ralston gives it his best shot.
How to Effectively Plan the Release of your Product
“The direction that you execute should not be the way you plan. You should be doing it backwards.” Marko Perisic, Zellis, advises an entire flip of perspective when looking to successfully plan for and launch innovative product.
The Challenges of Building a Product Team Structure from Scratch
Product is really hard. Companies are seriously complicated. Now, let’s add to that the challenge of creating an effective product team with minimal resources, rigid company cultures and shaky tech foundations. Joseph Darkins, JLL, gives us the lowdown.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: How Growth Impacts Product Management
Dr. Gerd Weishaar, SVP Product Management at UiPath, shares his experiences from the last 15 years leading product management in different growth environments. He explores both the advantages and disadvantages of working within these types of businesses.
Run Your Life Like a Product Roadmap
“As I’ve been evolving in my career, I see that whilst Product Managers often execute their professional skills flawlessly for their products or features, sometimes they forget that you can use those skills for your own lives.”
Know thy Competition. Hint: it’s not who you think it is
Krishna Panicker, VP Product at Pipedrive, explores his experiences with companies that have managed to change the very basis of competition itself. He gives his twopence on how you could, too.
Growth Product Management: Tactics for Success
Growth product management is difficult. You don’t necessarily have a scope of features. It can become particularly messy to define. Axel Florence, Shopify, shares the compilation of tools he uses in his role as Product Manager to make his projects grow more efficiently.
Demystifying AI and Building Trust with your Customer
Artificial Intelligence: some see it as an opportunity. Others back away, dubious of the ‘free thinking’ machine. Jamie Norman, Head of Product at RedEye, explains how to successfully introduce new technologies to your product, no matter the preconceptions.
Stakeholders: How to Successfully Work With Them
Can Brett, BBC, maintains the importance of a good relationship with your stakeholders. You’re able to make higher quality products. You’re more productive. You begin to time-save and cost save. All in all, you get an easier life and a better night’s sleep.
Product + Communication = Enhanced Customer Experience
Ana Andres del Valle, Principal Solutions Architect at Twilio, preaches the power of communication. She maintains that products are becoming less and less about what they are, but more about the experience that they enable. Communication stands at the heart of this enablement.
WFH: is it possible for a Product Manager?
“It would feel like a continuous sprint, a 24/7 job. Earlier this year, I felt like I didn’t really have a life”. The decision to leave the traditional office environment behind was a daunting one. But, since May 2019, Renia’s been working from home as head of product management for InstaShop.