In this webinar, Charmain will share her experiences on what it means to build a successful product through collective intelligence.

We’ll hear how Charmain built and scaled QuickDesk with elite partners who have different but complementary specializations to her own, and how this combined expertise plus real market understanding has led them to develop a product that delivers.

Join us: Aug 18th @ 08:00 GMT | 16:00 SGT

Key takeaways:

  • Discover key criteria to look for in partners that you can grow with
  • Pinpoint your focus in the value chain for your target market
  • Learn what it takes being a tech product manager with zero tech background

About the speaker

To help other companies achieve better sales and grow, Charmain founded QuickDesk Pte Ltd in 2014, a company blending high tech and high touch approaches to value-add to small and medium enterprises.

Read our recent interview with Charmain.

Over the years Charmain has developed a passion for understanding trends in sales, as well as an ability to identify gaps in the sales domain and build products and services to fill those gaps. She is most proud to have built a team of dedicated young professionals who tirelessly work towards growing QuickDesk.

In 2019 Charmain was named to Forbes “30 Under 30” on the Enterprise Technology list.