We took a deep dive into product management with Hostelworld’s Chief Product Officer, Johnny Quach. He spoke about what being product-led means to him, and how he’s tried to influence the companies he’s worked at to adopt the mindset.

Key talking points:

  • What drives Johnny to throw himself into product.
  • What’s forced a change in the world’s biggest companies when it comes to thinking about being product-led.
  • Why a product-led approach is crucial for the future.

About the guest

Johnny has a strong startup mindset but is also experienced in operating heavily regulated PLC organizations. He boasts a hybrid blend of General Management, Strategic Thinking, and Consumer Technology and has created growth in companies of any size and age.

His experience spans across scaling startups in their hyper-competitive markets to leading key PLC functions such as Board of Directors management, Investor relationships, and M&A.

Some fun facts from Johnny himself!

1. He was ranked top 5% of all players in North America at Starcraft 2 - also known as a "Master" level player.

2. His dance team won America's Best Dance Crew Season 2.

3. He was a professional poker player full-time for 2 years and bought his first house during the 2008 crash with his winnings.

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