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The Chief Product Officer Summit returns November 11. 🎉

Chief Product Officer Summit
Join the most important meeting of senior product leaders committed to delivering value to both users and the business.\u000D\u000A\u000D\u000AThis event will assemble leaders from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups to share best practice in building and delivering the best pos…

Dedicated solely for senior product leaders, our panel-focused agenda will discuss leadership challenges without costing a whole day. Get ready for expert insights on:

  • The evolving role of the CPO
  • Driving product excellence at scale
  • CPO within the C-Suite
  • Business development & partnerships

And more! Grab your pass. 💯

Leadership learnings & insights 🤓

Creating a great product strategy: insights from CPO Summit speakers
Fancy a snapshot of the insights our CPO Summit panelists will be sharing? Yamini Borra, VP of Product Management at SAP SuccessFactors, and Lauren Barrett, Director of Product at Premise Data, have offered answers to some pivotal product strategy questions.
The restless CPO revolutionizing healthcare: iPlato’s Namrata Sarmah
We recently got to sit down and chat with Namrata Sarmah, Chief Product Officer at iPlato Healthcare; about her greatest hits on the journey to CPO, finding success in large companies and startups, the importance of diversity in product, empowering the product teams of the future and more.
Effective steps you can take to create a winning product strategy
A PM can be given all the pieces of the puzzle and resources they need, but it’s up to them to see how they fit together and realize the value in each, to craft something greater than the sum of its parts. That’s where these steps to creating a winning product strategy come in.
Stakeholders: How to Successfully Work With Them
Caz Brett, BBC, maintains the importance of a good relationship with your stakeholders. You’re able to make higher quality products. You’re more productive. You begin to time-save and cost save. All in all, you get an easier life and a better night’s sleep.
The top takeaways from CPO Summit 2021
The range of subjects on offer at the CPO Summit ranged from how to deliver value based on feedback, to the data-driven CPO and how to build a good product strategy. We’ve narrowed down the day of insights into some top takeaways.
Top 10 takeaways from CPO Summit
The Chief Product Officer Summit was ablaze with helpful insights, actionable advice, and all-around great discussion, and over 1,000 C-suite execs, VPs, and Heads of Product tuned into the agenda of inspiring keynotes and fiery panel discussions.
How to Improve the Value of Product in an Open Source Business
Paul Holmes-Higgins, Flowable, walks us through the complexities of open-source business. “Just because it’s free, just because it’s open, doesn’t mean it’s valueless. The value of open source, the value of free is actually thinking hard about the end customer.”
How to Effectively Plan the Release of your Product
“The direction that you execute should not be the way you plan. You should be doing it backwards.” Marko Perisic, Zellis, advises an entire flip of perspective when looking to successfully plan for and launch innovative product.

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Tune into to immerse yourself in those who are living, breathing and embodying PLG. We take deep dives into the passion and practice of product leadership, through thought-provoking interviews with seasoned CPOs - and more.

For the Love of Product | Product-Led Alliance
At the PLA, all roads lead to product-led growth and our goal with For the Love of Product (FLP) is to shine a light on those who are really living, breathing, and embodying PLG.

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Wanna learn from product leaders at orgs like Zoopla, GoCompare, Yellowfin, Mixpanel, Quantum Metric, Hostelworld, and more? Grab yourself a membership plan and catch-up on Vol. 1 and 2 of the CPO Summit. 👇

Chief Product Officer Summit | May 2021
Catch up on every single session from the CPO Summit and learn from senior product leaders from orgs like Facebook, Gousto, Mastercard, Pearson, Citi, Aircall & more.
Chief Product Officer Summit, December 2020 | OnDemand
Catch up on every single session from the first ever CPO Summit and learn from senior product leaders from orgs like WeWork, Equifax, Huffpost, Zoopla & more.

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