The week, we got the chance to talk with the awesome Caroline Hughes, CEO of award-winning fintech, Lifetise. She takes us through her fascinating founder’s story, and the journey she’s been on in building the blueprint for people’s financial lives.

Key talking points include:

  • Feminist femtech.
  • How customer segmentation drives low CAC and high LTV.
  • What Sliding Doors the movie, Choose Your Own Adventure Books, and The Game of Life have to do with fintech.

A little bit about the guest

As well as co-creating Lifetise with her partner Nick, a company selected in Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab, Caroline also used to work across the advertising, tech and fashion industries as an intellectual property and commercial lawyer.

Her expertise expanded to being a mentor for women-led start-ups, and a frequent speaker at finance and tech industry events. Not to mention she’s also the host of the Money & Me podcast, which takes an honest look at money with guests from all walks of life.

Caroline was named as a rising star of fintech by Innovate Finance in March last year, she made the “Standout 35” category, which celebrates the achievements of some truly amazing women in fintech.

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