In this episode we welcomed Chloe Mackie, CPO of Doozy onto the pod to discuss (among other things) her journey launching a startup in the midst of the pandemic.

Key talking points:

  • Her drive to help reshape the future of work with product.
  • The mechanics of starting a business during a global lockdown.
  • Turning vision into reality - how to beat the odds and execute on your ambitions.
  • Why it’s worth pursuing ideas you're passionate about… right now!

If you want to hear more from Chloe, she'll be joining us at the Chief Product Officer Summit on May 19 to discuss feedback loops to improve the customer experience.

Feedback Loops - How to Deliver Value Based on Feedback” will explore the various methods for collecting, analyzing and applying feedback to deliver seamless customer experiences.

Check out the agenda and reserve your ticket today.

A little bit about the guest

Chloe describes herself as a multi-disciplinary problem solver, who’s passionate about humans, innovation and growth. She has extensive experience working in cross-startups, scale-ups and corporate labs. As well as everything from early stage ventures to scaling successful product-market fit products.

With over 10 years of experience creating products to merge business and user needs, Chloe is passionate about putting great products, which improve lives, into the hands of users. And believes in enriching existing or creating new software through continuous experiments to put data at the core of decision making.

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