In this episode, we sit down with Elizabeth Tweedale, CEO & Founder of Cypher Coders, the leading coding company for kids. We’ll discuss how she turned her vision of preparing kids for a future in tech from dream to reality, and how Covid was an accelerator to finding product-market fit.

Key talking points:

  • How product is always at the heart of Cypher’s business model.
  • Cypher’s effective strategy of leveraging product across all channels.
  • The competitive benefits of infusing your business with kid wisdom.
  • How a direct-to-consumer model helps with rapid scalability.

A little bit about the guest

Elizabeth is the CEO and founder of Cypher, the leading coding company for kids, which has also been named as a “Forbes Top Four Tech Startup.” She’s also been named “Female Entrepreneur of The Year” by Club Hub 2021.

As well as teaching coding to children of all ages for the past seven years in London, Elizabeth is an award-winning author, having written and co-written six books, her most recent focused on teaching children Python and how it’s linked to careers.

Elizabeth is passionate about allowing kids to explore their unlimited appetite and curiosity, and Cypher Coders is providing them with the tools to open doors and tackle whatever the fast paced future brings. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also a creator of patented AI technology and a mom to three.

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