Ready for another healthy dose of product knowledge? Great, because in this episode we got the chance to chat with Namrata Sarmah, Chief Product Officer at iPlato Healthcare, about her journey to becoming a CPO, why it’s important to challenge the status quo as a PM, and why she’s passionate about diversity in product.

We also explored Namrata’s inspiration for returning to healthcare, her role at myGP and how the company is growing into a product-led org.

Key talking points:

  • When you get too comfortable in a job - maybe it's time to join a startup!
  • Why product teams are uniquely positioned to make a big impact for diversity and inclusion.
  • How ‘lovely accidents’ encompassed an incredible 10-year journey from PM to CPO. 😄

A little bit about the guest

Namrata has over 12 years experience working in technology & digital product management. She started her career as a software engineer in India, transitioning to product after deciding to pursue her MBA, and now sits on the board of the Open University Business School.

She has extensive experience working collaboratively with cross-functional global teams and C-level executives. Nam has found success working with large, mid-sized, and startup companies in a variety of sectors, and she’s also been featured in Management Today’s 35 Women Under 35 list.

As well as being a keynote speaker and panelist at tech conferences across the globe, Nam was also a finalist in the Technology & Digital Award for the Women of the Future Programme. Not to mention being named in the FT Top 100 Most Influential Leaders in UK Tech to boot!

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