In this episode, we sit down with Rick Neuman, CTO, and CPO at Flipp, the retail tech company reinventing the digital shopping experience. We explore his lessons and insights on product leadership from 12 years in the game. Rick dives into how to build products for a global audience and how to get buy-in from thousands of people in order to effectively evolve products.

Key talking points:

  • The power of learning and why it's crucial to progress in product.
  • The evolving world of product and why having a blended team with different skills is the right approach to drive growth.
  • Achieving better product-market fit to propel organic growth and stay relevant.
  • His advice on the “diverge and converge” approach for ideation and scalability.
  • How he learned to build better products, which contributed to his sense of purpose.

A little bit about the guest

Rick has been creating and approving digital shopping experiences for retailers and startups since 2005. He has experience working in global markets and is passionate about helping shoppers find that perfect product for the price they love, while making sure merchants meet the needs of shoppers in an ever-changing e-comm marketplace.

Before he was at Flipp, Rick was managing international technology strategy on merchandising products for Walmart International, where he was in charge of over 27 different markets. He was also the EVP of eCommerce & CTO for Walmart Canada where he was responsible for launching major programs like online grocery, marketplace, and store-pickup.

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